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Kaushik Football Academy was established in the year 2019. A player from Mumbai who has 11 years of playing experience in Mumbai football has now started his academy to guide young children to be the best in the field of football.

The owner, mentor, head coach of Kaushik football academy as the name says all has put his all life for the football he has played for the top teams in the Mumbai like AIR INDIA, KARNATAKA SPORTS CLUB, MUMBAI WARRIORS, PIFA and BOMBAY MUSLIMS and also played for one of the best colleges in Mumbai that is THAKUR COLLEGE and represented in Reliance Foundation Youth Sports.

Everyone has ups and downs in their life but the only strong one gets up after having a knee injury in the year of 2018 he lost all his hopes but the love for the football kept him alive the only thing he wants to get up and do is play football the gave a great come back in the year 2019 in the elite division from the team Bombay Muslims.

Mr. Kaushik kamdia has started his academy to make the future bright of the upcoming young talent not only as a great player who played for best teams in Mumbai he is also a certified D-Licensed Coach from All India Football Federation.

The academy not only aims to make young talent a great player but also to develop the technical abilities, discipline, culture, education, and fit for gracefully playing the game.

Let's Talk About Why We are Different?

We at KFA train in fitness, self grooming, fitness and much more.

We at KFA have love for football, it is something all of us are passionate about and we would like to spread this passion of this amazing game through every single individual who thinks he or she has the ability to play football and even to the people who think they can’t play football but they love the game.

We at KFA will guide you, train you and give you the recognition that you looking for.

Do you Know Why?

A lot of people ask me why KFA? Let me tell you, we are a family and we treat every single employee and student as one of our family member, training a person is not business, it’s helping a person follow his or her passion and to grow in that along with the students we as a organisation grow.

We would love to have you experience our training session and see it for yourself because it’s not all about training it’s about having the right mindset and vision, our vision is to get every single individual as much as possible to help them stay fit, learn an art, guide them through difficulties physically and mentally and give them the recognition they thrive for.
Come join us I assure you that you will never regret.

Deeply Skilled

We as an organisation believe in being a perfectionist so we assure you that we will teach you every single skill you require to be at your best 

Highly Skilled

At KFA we have highly skilled certified coaches who would be personally training you and guiding you physically and mentally. 

Super Efficient

We as an organisation will give 100% efforts to make the most of the limited time you give us out of your busy schedule to give you the perfect training and keep u fit and value for your money.

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